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For whom?

Although a large part of my work consists of guiding beginners as they take their first steps on the guitar, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele, thanks to my extensive experience as a performing musician I am also capable of helping advanced musicians—amateurs as well as (semi) professionals—hone their skills. 

Basically, I welcome all students aged 12 and up, as this marks a phase in their development that children are capable of making their own conscious choices regarding the instrument, musical genre, or teaching method they want to pursue, rather than having this decided for them by their parents.

If you are interested in classical music or if you are preparing to audition for a conservatory, I would rather refer you to a teacher (or school) specifically qualified to meet those demands.




The starting point is the goal set by the students themselves: what they want to accomplish on their instrument. Based on this and on an assessment of the student’s capability, potential, and availability, student and teacher work together during the introductory lesson to draft up a course plan.

This means that all lesson are tailor-made; I do not offer a standard course program. However, I do provide handouts gathered from various existing course methods, song books, and tablature websites. Tablature is a simple notation system for stringed instruments and is available for almost all contemporary music. I do not use traditional music notation, but each lesson—especially for beginners—will contain some essential and basic music theory (how chords are structured, where to find notes on the fretboard, etc).

In addition to the handouts and tablature, I can send the student mp3 recordings after the session that summarize the learning content. Students with a smart phone can also make a video recording at the end of the lesson. 


The music suggested by the student—which can be anything, as long as it is applicable to the guitar—determines the lesson content. Beginners will learn the chords and basic techniques needed to play this music relatively quickly. The guitar will play one of two roles: either accompanying a singer or a different instrument or playing simple melody. 

Advanced students can work on more complex techniques (fingerpicking, flatpicking) and on a more independent role for the guitar (melody and accompaniment combined). 

I can help students who write their own songs by working on arrangements. 



I only teach the 5-string banjo and the “3-finger picking” technique that is typical for bluegrass music. If a student is interested in old time music (frailing, clawhammer), I will gladly refer them to a colleague. 

My specialty is Scruggs style, but we can also devote some time to styles and techniques (melodic, single-string). 



In the bluegrass scene, this is the instrument I am usually associated with. But I would like to show people that the mandolin can also shine in other genres such as swing, jazz, or rock. 

We can deal with a multitude of techniques and styles, but again: it’s mainly the students themselves who determine the content and direction of the lessons.



The DVD series Beatles Anthology, which included a jam session with George, Paul, and Ringo in George’s garden, inspired me to play the ukulele (and become a collector). 

Of all the stringed instruments, this charming instrument is the easiest to play, and it functions very well as a stepping stone to the guitar, for example. 






Format, time, and location of the lessons


The students can choose for courses consisting of 5 or 10 lessons that last 45 (students under 21) or 60 minutes (all other students). 

In this case, the lessons will be scheduled at a set time, either once a week or once every 2 weeks.

People who prefer to be more flexible can opt for scheduling single lessons by appointment.


I teach on Monday and Tuesdays from 9.30-17:00 and 18:45-21:00. Wednesday from 9.30-12.00


Location: Cornelis Troostplein 12-2, 1072 JK Amsterdam










number  of lessons

45 minutes per        week


€ 225,50


60 minutes per week


€ 326,50


45 minutes per 2 weeks

  € 137,50  5

60 minuten per 2 weeks

  € 199,50  5


Single lessons




60 minutes

€ 49,50

120 minutes

€ 89,50

Lesson card 5 x 60 minutes

€ 220,-

Lesson card 10 x 60 minutes

€ 427,50




Payment and terms


The very first (introductory) lesson takes half an hour and is free of charge if the student purchases a set of follow-up lessons. If not, I charge € 25,- for this lesson.


10-week courses or lesson cards for 5 or 10 lessons are invoiced, to be paid in lump sum or in two instalments. 

Single lessons of 60 or 120 minutes are to be paid in cash after each lesson.

The lesson card for 5 single lessons is valid up to 6 months, the card for 10 single lessons up to 1 year. 


If a 10-week course has been scheduled and the student cancels a lesson, the lesson will not be rescheduled. 

If the lesson is cancelled by the teacher, it will be rescheduled. 

Single lessons can be canceled or rescheduled up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson.





Handouts are included in the price. If the student and teacher agree to use additional lesson books, the student needs to purchase these. 

It goes without saying that students need to have their own instrument so that they can practice at home. I can offer advice to new students who still need to buy their first instrument. 

If transportation is an issue (from school or work, for example), you can use my instruments for the duration of the lesson—I own at least two of each kind.




Ukulele workshop


Since the summer of 2013, I’ve been organizing ukulele workshops for (absolute) beginners. The program lasts 1,5 hours and includes interplay (each participant plays only 1 note which results in a song played by the group) and chords—2 basic chords that allow you to play simple songs. 

A fun team activity for (primary) schools, company outings, and family parties!


For applications and information, fill out this form.